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Teori Pembukaan

Posted by Catur Dunia on July 23, 2009

Alekhines Defense (download)
Benko Gambit (download)
Bishop’s Opening (download)
Benoni Defense (download)
Birds opening (download)
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit (download)
Budapest Gambit (download)
Caro-Kann exchange var. (download)
Colle System (download)
Dutch Stonewall (download)
Elephant Gambit (download)
English Defense (download)
Evans Gambit (download)
Four Knights Game (download)
Fried Liver Attack (download)
Grob Attack (download)
Giuoco Piano (download)
Goring Gambit (download)
Karpovs Caro-Kann 190 Games (download)
King’s Indian Attack (download)
Kings Indian Defense Saemisch1 (download)
Marshall Attack (download)
Nimzo-Indian Defense Rub.Var. (download)
Nimzo-Attack (download)
Neo-Old Indian (download)
Pirc Defense (download)
Philidors Defense (download)
Petroffs Defense (download)
Queens Gambit Declined Cambridge Springs Defence 7.cxd5 (download)
Queens Gambit Declined Cambridge Springs Defence 7.Bxf6 (download)
Queens Gambit Declined Cambridge Springs Defence 7.Nd2 (download)
Queens Indian 4.g3 (download)
Queens Indian4.a3 (download)
Ruy Lopez Exchange (download)
Ruy Lopez Open (download)
Ruy Lopez Closed (download)
Sicilian Accelerated Dragon (download)
Scandanavian Defense (download)
Sicilian Dragon (download)
Sicilian Defense4.Qd4 (download)
Sicilian Grand-Prix (download)
Sokolsky’s (download)
Stonewall Attack (download)
Smith-Morra Gambit (download)
Sicilian Rossolimo (download)
Two Knights Tango (download)
Two Knights Defense (download)
Traxler Opening (download)
Torre Attack (download)
Vienna Opening Gambit (download)

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